Our initial focus is the East Coast where cannabis licenses are limited, in states where adult recreational use is legal and that have attractive demographics. The region’s development stage is 3–5 years behind the west coast, which provides us an opportunity to participate in early stage growth.

Our strategy is under way in Massachusetts, the first state on the Eastern seaboard to legalize recreational use. 2019 recreational sales in MA are forecast to be in the range of $450-500 million.


Our Medway facility, sited on 6.7 acres, boasts a Phase 1 footprint of nearly 30,000 square feet, with Phase 2 expansion to approximately 50,000 square feet.

The facility is designed for high capacity cultivation & manufacturing, and is ideally located as a New England distribution hub given that its equidistant from the major population centers of Boston, Worcester and Providence.

Our portfolio of brands are subject to rigorous quality and safety testing throughout the production cycle.


Leveraging our distribution expertise, we are building out a robust distribution capability in the east coast, starting with Massachusetts.

Our strategy is to offer a portfolio of premium brands, both developed in-house, and through licensing of most successful west-coast brands for exclusive manufacturing and distribution in Massachusetts.

Our distribution program is high-touch & education focused, supported by robust technology, data, analysis, and materials to help our retail partners best serve their customers.